SSF Vipers (Hoodies, Tees and Long Sleeves)

$14.00 - $35.00
Sold out


Adult Hoodies $25-$30 (S-5XL)
Adult Tees Short Sleeve $15-20 (S-5XL)
Adult Tees Long Sleeve $16-21 (S-3XL)

Youth Hoodies $22 (S-XL)
Youth Tees Short Sleeve $14 (S-XL)
Youth Tees Long Sleeve $15 (S-XL)

Add Special Personalization on the back of your item:
Name and Number +$5
Name ONLY -or- Number ONLY +$4
Include in the Notes/Instruction field (at Checkout).
Text or email the details if the Notes field isn't available (i.e. Apple pay)

Vipers Logo is approx 7" wide. Appearance will vary on item size (youth small vs. adult 2XL)
Long Sleeve: Vipers Logo is 3" wide on left chest.

Add mandatory sales tax (sorry peeps, not my rules)

Quick window - tell your family! Don't sleep on this! Get your orders IN this week!

Deadline to pre-order: FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2024 at 10pm
Orders should be ready approx 4/20.

Payments Accepted: Credit Card, Apple Pay, or Paypal only. (sorry, no venmo this time)

No shipping.
Drop off/Pick up in SSF only; conveniently during Vipers' games or practices.

Clothing Brand: Gildan Heavy Blend

Thank you for supporting my small biz <3

< ~ GO VIPERS ~ >

Down and ready,

-Victoria Knudson (Mikey's mom) [lmk if you find any typos...oops]

Coaches: Text me for coach's promo code

Wash and Care:
Recommend washing in cold water, inside out.
Hang dry, or low heat.

Customization Examples: (Have some fun with it!)
-Last name and Number.
-"Little Sister/Brother, Biggest Fan" and Number.
-"Mikey's Mama" "___'s Mom" "#BaseballMom"
-"#1 Grandpa" "#1 Grandma"